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What is a tag-along tour & why travel with our tag-along group?

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We provide a safe and hassle-free way for people to travel to remote locations. Our carefully planned tours are designed to let you safely experience incredible 4X4 locations with like-minded and enthusiastic companions in places many people would never go by themselves.

Very simply put, you follow the tour leader in your own or a hired 4X4 vehicle. And you don't need to have any off-road driving experience because our professional tour guides are also four wheel driving instructors, providing instruction and support throughout each tour to help customers successfully and safely tackle challenging terrain in isolated situations. You will come away from a tour with us with a real sense of achievement and 4X4 skills to last you a lifetime.

We use a network of travel experts around the World to provide a seamless experience for our customers. Up to 8 customer vehicles come on our tag-along tours which are a mix of self, part and fully catered and accommodated or camping, depending on the location.

Our guides are experienced 4X4 tour leaders from Australia, New Zealand and Scotland. On our far-flung International treks, we also take a local mechanic who acts as our interpreter to help us along the way.

There's nothing like local knowledge to get the most out of a trip. We take away the hassle of trying to figure out exactly where to go, how long it takes to get there, what the facilities are like and how to best use your time to see all of the highlights.

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