*19 Day Mongolian
4X4 Trek 2022
Aug 2023 - 1 Spot Left

*Tours dependant on Covid restrictions - deposits refunded or carried over for 12 months if unable to travel. 

"Our Mongolian 4X4 Trek takes you to another world."

Starting and ending in the bustling city of Ulaanbaatar, make your way in hired 100 Series Landcruisers through epic landscapes of mountains, deserts, lakes and grassy plains and experience the nomadic way of life of the Mongol herders  in this wild and sparsely populated land.

19 days fully accommodated in hotels and comfortable Ger camps with all meals provided. Accompanied at all times by your Aussie or Kiwi guide in the front and our local mechanic/interpreter in another vehicle, complete with spares in case of mechanical issues, as "Tail End Charlie."

Tour cost includes vehicle hire pick-up and drop-off in Ulaanbaatar, professional tour guide instruction, mechanical assistance, local interpreter/mechanic, accommodation in hotels and Ger camps along the way and all meals. 

"We are now in classic Mongolian grazing country that supports the nomadic herders"

DAY 11: "We are now in classic Mongolian grazing country that supports the nomadic herders synonymous with the Mongolian culture dating back to before the time of Genghis Khan and the prowess of Mongolian horsemanship. We are back into our familiar Ger Camp accommodation this evening in a very scenic location right on the edge of Khargyas Nuur Lake which provides a good excuse for a swim after a fairly long day on the Mongolian Steppe."

Archery, horse riding, a Mongolian concert exclusively for our group, eagle hunting, a volcano climb and a traditional dance and song show are all included in yet another brilliant trip in this stunningly diverse country.

Duration:   19 Days
Start/End:   Ulaanbaatar
Cost:   $9900 per person twin share

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